Interactive Flat Panel & Oktopus

We provide AVer Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) which is the future of classroom displays, designed especially to inspire future generations. Not only does the IFPs empower teachers, it also inspires students to learn more, share their knowledge, and interact with others. With simple plug and play functionality you can easily plug in devices and integrate AVer visualizer/document cameras to deliver the most powerful teaching performance possible. Together with Oktopus software, teachers are able to create valuable and engaging interactive experiences.

Wireless visualizer & 1-1 Learning

AVer recognizes and embraces the rapid upsurge of tablets and “1-1” learning schemes in classrooms around the world. The one-of-a-kind, 100% wireless AVer visualizer allows teachers and students to stream live images of real objects to any iPad, Android or Windows® tablet from anywhere in the classroom.
With the feature-rich Sphere2 app, teachers can create engaging lessons at the spur of the moment, annotating over live images and capturing still images or recording complete videos in an instant.
What’s more, teachers can “push” images to students running the AVer ClassSend app on their iPads, tablets, Chromebooks or laptops, fully immersing each student in the topic at hand.

Charge & Sync Carts

Mass deployment of tablets, Chromebooks and similar computing devices in schools is an undeniably thrilling experience for students, but if not handled properly, it can be an equally terrifying nightmare for teachers and ICT staff.
AVer’s array of charge/sync carts for tablets and charge carts for tablets, Chromebooks and netbooks ensures each device is neatly stored, securely contained and ready for the day’s activities.
AVer’s wealth of knowledge and innovative spirit translates into speedy and efficient charging and clever added functionality, like simultaneous file syncing.
Most of all, the award-winning “child-safe” design of the AVer charge carts does as much to safeguard your students as it does your devices.

Distance Learning (Classroom Video Conferencing)

Distance learning system (Classroom Video Conferencing) allows students of all ages to connect with people and cultures oceans away or participate in class remotely themselves without spending a small fortune.
Teachers can connect an AVer visualizer to show live, detailed images of anything from a book to a bug to students near and far, and then record it all to a USB flash drive through AVer’s unique recording function.
Break free of the boundaries of the classroom with AVer distance learning (Classroom Video Conferencing) solutions.

Visualizers (Document Cameras)

Visualizers enable teachers and students to instantly stream vivid images of any object – living or inanimate, still or moving, flat or 3D – in real-time to a large audience with amazing HD clarity.
Visualizers combine the best teaching applications of digital cameras, video cameras, overhead projectors and magnifiers into a straightforward, compact device, and AVer’s years of experience and position as a leading visualizer manufacturer is your guarantee of value and faultless performance.
Like any one of the tens of thousands of teachers who’ve chosen AVer over the years, you’ll quickly see just how easy it is to create a richer learning environment with an AVer visualizer.

A+ Suite Software

A+ Suite provides teachers with a range of interactive software to realize the full potential of their AVer visualizer.
Integrate live images seamlessly into existing teaching material, while maintaining easy access to camera functions and tools, such as annotation, recording, image capture and picture-in-picture.
Create your own library of recorded videos and captured images to compare them side-by-side with live images from a visualizer and/or webcam.
Take your lessons even further by enabling the software’s classroom management tool to connect with students in a “1-1” environment. On top of everything else, AVer’s unique plug-ins for PowerPoint®, Word® and Excel® give you direct access to exclusive visualizer tools.


Oktopus is a powerful interactive software designed especially for being used together with AVer CP Series IFPs (Interactive Flat Panels). It not only provides students with creative, collaborative, and attractive learning experiences, but also is able to simultaneously show contents on students’ devices to let them more involve in learning. Learning tools such as taking notes, answering questions, and sharing annotations make teaching and learning more interactive and interesting.