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What is SD-WAN?

SD-WANs, which consist of physical or virtual appliances and a central controller, use overlay networks to connect branches directly to data centres, cloud services and each other. SD-WANs
simplify network operations by enabling administrators to remotely push
out policies from a central management tool.

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Comprehensive SD - WAN service includes

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    Branch connectivity

    SD-WAN, can connect branches directly to the data centre, the cloud or to SaaS applications, shortening transit time, reducing overhead, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing application performance.

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    SD-WAN solutions leverage IPSs, URL filtering and other unified threat management capabilities. These advanced security features can connect branches to cloud-based apps through secure direct internet access.

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    Quality of Service

    SD-WANs allow administrators to route some traffic using MPLS and some on more affordable broadband internet circuits to ease congestion, improve application performance and reduce networking costs.

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    Centralized Management

    SD -WAN shifts the control plane from the branch routers to a central tool, administrators can see across the network and manage it simply by centrally pushing out policies to all the branches and even bring new branches online remotely within hours.

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    Network Visibility

    SD-WAN provides administrators with a bird’s-eye view of the network, so they can easily pinpoint issues in the network and take immediate steps toward resolution.

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    Hybrid WAN

    SD-WAN uses deep application recognition, dynamic traffic steering, path selection, and link condition analytics to optimize existing hybrid WAN links and bandwidth.


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Evaluate business objectives, technology environments, and processes; identify opportunities for performance improvements and cost savings.

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    Recommend relevant technologies and services, document technical architecture, deployment plans, “measures of success,” budgets and timelines.

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    Assist with product fulfilment, configuration, broad-scale implementation, integration and training.

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    Proactively monitor systems to ensure technology is running as intended and provide support when and how you need it.

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