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Our SMS Platform provides a variety of Bulk SMS services

Our Mobile Marketing Platform is a white-label software tool used to design, run and manage campaigns offered through various channels on today’s mobile phones. The directness and communication quality afforded by mobile marketing have made this medium ideal for providing a range of services, such as marketing campaigns, PR Campaigns, games, opinion casting, promotional campaigns, loyalty programs, etc.

The SMS Platform provides a variety of Interactive SMS services , in order to cover the diverging needs in the marketing world. For example, using SMSP a TV station producer can set up an SMS Vote in minutes. She can then invite viewers of the show to send SMS messages with their vote to a short code in order to cast their vote. She can view incoming SMS messages in real time, keeping track of voting statistics. Voting is only an example of the 2-way services offered by the SMS platform.

In addition to this, the SMS Platform provides a Bulk SMS module that allows the marketer to implement 1-way mobile marketing campaigns, delivering a marketing message to groups of recipients in seconds.


Our software also allows the marketer to use a variety of different mediums to run cross-channel mobile marketing campaigns, using everyday Mobile Web Forms, QR Codes or Near-Field Communications (NFC) as opt-in methods for consumers.

To top it all off, our software includes a fully-featured Mobile Coupons module – better than many standalone mobile couponing solutions – allowing retail businesses to truly benefit from the power of Mobile Marketing, by driving customers in-store.

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