Seamless hybrid cloud in vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud

Solutions we offer

My VMware will dramatically improve the way you manage your product licenses and support. Using this new, integrated, account-based site, you willl be able to view and manage your product licenses and support through intuitive step-by-step screens for faster access to critical functions. My VMware will provide easy, logical navigation to the information you need, and the tasks you need to perform.

Key Benefits:

Ability to access and manage product licenses and support at a company account level, versus the current email domain structure. This will make it easier to keep track of VMware products and support as your organization grows or changes. The new folder structure will give you the freedom to organize your products and licenses in a manner that makes the most sense for your organization.

My VMware integrates several previously separate portals and presents your order history, product licenses, support contracts, support requests and more, through this one site. You can easily assign permissions for viewing and managing license keys, creating support requests, and performing various other tasks within the account for more control and better security.