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Build a scalable network that meets your current and future enterprise voice and data needs using Databit Limited enterprise wide voice and data network design. We continually provide industry proven network designs that meet your need and ensure your network remains reliable and cost effective.


Certified Partner

We are a Quintum certified solution partner. Quintum’s cutting-edge VoIP products offer significant cost savings (up to 70%) on your voice communications by integrating your inter-branch voice services into your existing wide area data network.

Mtembezi is the latest VoIP solution from Databit Ltd that addresses the common challenges faced by people who need to make international calls.

Mtembezi allows users to make calls from their mobile phone, PC or corporate PBX via the internet; thereby realizing significant cost saving through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.
In today’s global economy, technology is driving an evolution in the way that we communicate. We want fast, affordable, innovative borderless solutions to enable us to reach our family, friends and work colleagues regardless of where they are in the world.

Mtembezi is the ideal solution for:

  • People with friends and family abroad
  • Kenyans in the Diaspora who need to call home and other international destinations
  • The International traveler or business person
  • Multi-national corporations that want to make savings on their international phone bill

Mtembezi is available on three platforms:

  • Mtembezi Mobile – for the smart phone user
  • Mtembezi Soft phone – for the PC user
  • Mtembezi Corporate – for the corporate PBX users

Databit as a registered ASP provider, has been provided with its own telephone numbering plan by CCK. We can therefore offer our customers local DDI numbers as a dial-able VoIP number reachable via the internet or intranet.